HealPay was founded in 2010 based on a simple belief: that payments should be easy.

As consumers steadily embrace new payment technologies, we believe paying should always be a painless process whether it's done on a computer, mobile device, or over the phone.

And so, HealPay is changing the way businesses connect with their customers by providing innovatively simply, reliable solutions that work.

Every business is different. So why are so many payment solutions the same?

The HealPay Application Suite is fully customizable from branding to features allowing you to create the exact solution you need while skipping all the stuff you don't.

Let's do business better. We're excited to collaborate on the perfect payment solution for your business.

Erick Bzovi image

Erick Bzovi


Erick co-founded the online ad network Outdoor Hub Media, now known as Carbon Media Group. Erick was responsible for growing the network to 350+ publishers, 8 million unique visitors and 150 million monthly impressions.

Lancelot Carlson image

Lancelot Carlson


Author, innovator, and speaker – Lance co-authored the 2nd edition of “Ruby on Rails: Up and Running.” He has been a Ruby and a Rails developer for over 8 years and has worked for several projects, including Engine Yard.

Lori Holden image

Lori Holden


With 17+ years of software development and systems administration experience, Lori has a passion for her craft. She loves programming theory and has knowledge in a diverse set of programming languages. One of her current hobbies involves electronics and designing circuits.

Tristan Mortimer image

Tristan Mortimer

Software Developer

Tristan previously worked in distributed computing and with emerging biomedical therapies. He enjoys applying his previous experiences to make resilient services while learning along the way.

Jakob Boertje image

Jakob Boertje

Support & Business Development

Jakob is an expert problem solver with a passion for small business development. When he's not exploring new technologies and ideas to innovate processes, he enjoys continuous self-improvement through research and education.

Mike Scoboria image

Mike Scoboria

Technical Specialist & Client Services

Mike has worked in the software development field for several years. He is primarily interested in web and mobile application development.

Latoya Irby image

LaToya Irby

Marketing Specialist

LaToya has 10 years of experience connecting consumers with brands using content creation, SEO, and email and social media marketing. She enjoys using metrics and insights to solve business problems and discover opportunities to reach customers

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Ashley Holcomb


Ashley identified her passion for creating practical organization systems from chaotic pieces. In her free time, she takes pleasure in completing jigsaw puzzles, solving the Rubik’s Cube, and playing brain games.