New Beginnings at HealPay

by Latoya Irby | | Articles

We are excited to introduce our newest intern, Hakki Tomanbay, to HealPay!

Hakki emailed us a few weeks ago and began ‘hanging out’ at our office. After several weeks of job shadowing, we decided he would be a good addition to our team. Here is his story:

“I am a college student with little to no fear. Call me crazy but I will go for something without seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! I think this mindset makes me a great asset to a disruptive startup like HealPay.

After I caught wind of them looking for interns I immediately started inquiring with Lancelot & Erick about their business model and the technology they use. My focus was to know everything about their business. I am studying computer engineering but am also enrolled in a public speaking class. I decided to hit two birds with one stone and elected to give my speech on HealPay. My job was to give a persuasive speech on why collection agencies should use their SettlementApp.

I worked with Erick to get my pitch down and was able to deliver a solid presentation to a group of students who were left wanting to know more. It felt great. Creating something from nothing – fascinating.

It was an uncomfortable experience, but I believe that is how you learn and grow. By putting myself into an uncomfortable position I was able to push my boundaries and open new doors.”

Hakki Tomanbay

~Hakki Tomanbay

“From small beginnings come great things.”

About HealPay
HealPay provides innovative, consumer-centric payment solutions to businesses nationwide. Attorneys, collections, receivables, charitable organizations, property managers, finance companies, and other types of billers rely on our solutions to accept multiple payment types online and over the phone with or without a human agent.

HealPay Offers:
  • Merchant account(s) to accept ACH, Debit and Credit Cards
  • Online payments with your firm’s logo & a custom URL
  • Virtual Terminal for one time payments or setup a recurring schedule
  • Consumer friendly payment options with our Settlement Application
  • Consumer portal to view balance information & link accounts
  • Interactive Voice Response, (IVR) Agentless Phone Application
  • Reporting analytics and data to analyze your operations
  • Fast and friendly Support

For Inquires:
Please contact
203 E. Washington St.,  Ste. 3
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-2007

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