Supercharge Your Collections

HealPay gives you a suite of tools allowing you to effortlessly increase your collections using the latest and greatest technology. Sign Up Now

HealPay is Perfect For…


Collection Attorneys

Create friendly payment plans and settle faster. Sign up for a Merchant Account and start accepting Card and ACH payments!

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Collection Firms

Collection Firms

Allow consumers to check their balance and make payments over the phone without having to speak with an account representative.

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Property Managers

Allow your residents to pay their rent online by making a one-time payment or scheduling reoccurring payments.

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HealPay Helps You Collect More, 24/7, 365

HealPay reduces the friction of paying overdue invoices, increasing the number of collections you make.

How HealPay Works…

our formula for supercharging collections…

Universal Access

Consumers can make payments anytime of day, using the method that best suits their needs. Easy access to balance information means quick turn-around and an increase in collections.

Flexible Options

Custom workflows provide consumers with payment options, allowing them to select a plan that fits their budget.

Fast & Friendly

Eliminate embarrassing phone calls and letters. Consumers are more likely to pay through an automated system than dealing with a person.

What HealPay Has to Offer

…our suite of tools go beyond basic payment processing.

Merchant Services

Accept ACH, debit and credit card payments using HealPay software. Set up easy rules to allow certain payment methods

Custom Workflows

Setup custom collection workflows, giving consumers incentives and payment options that ultimately increase collections.

Portfolio Targeting

HealPay uses data-driven methodologies to optimize accounts receivable based on the consumer’s propensity to pay.

Seamless Integration

HealPay integrates with leading claims management software, accounting software and payment gateways, automating reports and reducing data entry.

When we needed to expand our payment processing capabilities, the HealPay Team proved to be the only call we needed to make. Their knowledge, accessibility and support from the birth of our new website to ideas about to be launched is unmatched. Their SettlementApp enables us to provide our customers with private, secure options that are available around the clock. The HealPay team has continued to be the first call we make to turn every concept into a reality. They have far exceeded our expectations. The only question is, “What’s next?”

Dean L. Bowers

Director of Development, Atkins & Ogle Law Offices, LC

The HealPay Team has been a delight to work with. Their SettlementApp software brought a fresh approach to the way we think about collecting payments. Over the past year, our Firm has doubled payments online and we credit the ability to offer a personalized experience to consumers who need it. Their analytical approach to collections has helped transform our business to a more modern and progressive practice. We are truly pleased and can’t wait to see them grow together with us!

Robert Goodman

Partner, Goodman & Frost, PLLC

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