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Treatments Configuration

“Treatments” is a HealPay term we use for the configuration of various SettlementApp options, such as payment plan/settlement plan presentment and disabling file access. Treatments can be very specific in nature and allow specified files to be “treated” based on creditor id, status code, and balance. Treatments can also be configured to be applied during specified date ranges. Either a creditor id or a status code must be specified to apply a treatment (although you can use both for greater specificity).

An Example:

A merchant has several clients. One client has indicated that they would like to offer settlement plan and payment plan options during tax season. This is the client’s criteria:

Settlement offers:

20% discount in one payment

15% discount in two payments

Payment Plans:

No payment plan can result in a payment of less than $50

Based on this criteria, we can configure payment plans that will present with a different options based on the balance of a particular file:

Balance Range Payment plan options presented
$0 – $149.99 No option presented
$300 - $999.99 3 months, 4 months, 6 months
$1000 – $1499.99 6 months, 8 months, 12 months
$1500 - $4999.99 12 months, 16 months, 18 months
$5000 - $7999.99 15 months, 20 months, 24 months
$8000 – max 20 months, 24 months, 36 months

Data Range

All payment plan and settlement options should be displayed between Jan. 20th and April 15th. For these options to be configured, HealPay just needs the specific creditor id associated with the clients files as well as the options listed in the example about (payment plan balance ranges, settlement plan options, date range). We set everything up on our side.

This will result in payment plans being presented to the user like this:

The settlement options can be displayed on the same page as well, but many of our clients prefer to present the options on a different page. In this case the user would click ‘Looking to Settle?’ to proceed to the settlement options.

Optionally you can collect hardship information before the settlement options are presented:

After the user submits the hardship form the settlement options are then presented:

Disable File Access

Another treatment option is the disabling of files form consumer access. Generally our clientspecify files that should not be able to be accessed by providing us with a status code. Once we have the treatment configured, all a merchant needs to do to disable file access is to add that status code to the file (and re-upload data).