Offer Friendly Settlement Options to Your Customers

SettlementApp helps large creditors, billers, hospitals, collection agencies, and attorneys collect money!

Accept payments

Become a merchant and begin processing Card and ACH payments online.

Speed Up Collections

By making it easier to pay, you will see an increase in payments.


Safe and Secure

All data is protected and secured by our 256 bit SSL encryption process.

Custom Workflows

Offer customers several payment options, increasing likelihood of complete payment.

Portfolio Targeting

Use data to make intelligent offers to customers.


Integrate Seamlessly

Connect with the software you’re already using.

Using SettlementApp is Easy

You’ll be up and running in three simple steps…

Get a HealPay Merchant Account

Our team will help you create a merchant account so you can start accepting credit cards and ACH today. We handle all payment gateway integration, setup and recurring billing.

All funds will be forwarded to your bank account making it easy to withdraw.

Upload Customer Data

We will assist you in getting your customer data into SettlementApp. Once the data is loaded, you will be able to direct your customers to SettlementApp to pay their bills.

Setup Payment Options

Setting up payment options takes just minutes and can be customized on an account basis. Our team will recommend best practices in order to achieve the highest conversion rates.

Ready to get started with Settlement app?

We can get you going shortly, just apply now and we’ll take care of the rest.

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