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HealPay is the only Payment Processor in the industry who donates 1% each month to your Church or Nonprofit!

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How the Donation Program works:

HealPay proudly donates 1% of your organization's monthly processing fees.

For example:

If your organization's monthly Credit Card* fees total $3,500, HealPay will send a check the following month in the amount of $35 - that's $420 a year donated right back to your church or nonprofit from fees you would have paid anyway!

You do the math...The more your Charitable Organization processes, the bigger your 1% Donation!

* VISA/Mastercard/American Express/Discover

Giving Optimized

Simple, secure solutions for charitable donation processing.

Secure Donations

Giving can be made securely over our SSL network.

24/7 Electronic Giving

Online, Phone, and Text payments any time, any day.

Multiple Donation Types

Credit card, debit card, and eCheck payments available.

Custom-Branded Solutions

Custom-branded products with seamless integration.

Cultivate a Culture of Giving

Director of Charitable Organizations, Kyle Von Stearns, explains:

HealPay proudly donates 1% of our proceeds to your church.

Move Into the Digital Age

Technology is the key to tapping into the generosity of a NEW 21st Century generation. We offer convenience, security and accountability, while reducing time spent counting cash and checks.

Universal Access

Give members the ability to contribute from wherever they worship - in the church building or watching from the internet. Our tools integrate with your existing website offering a seamless experience.

Enable Recurring Giving

Automated giving helps members reach their annual tithing goals, even if they miss a service or two. Members can schedule contributions at regular intervals helping you better forecast progress toward giving goals.

Multiple Options for Giving

Offer convenient options for members and visitors to give to your church.

Donation Portal

Members can use the DonationsPortal to give online using their preferred payment method. Link to the DonationsPortal from your existing website or add to your social media accounts.

Phone Giving

Our interactive voice response system allows members to conveniently give over the phone. You can even customize a greeting from the pastor.

Text to Give

Offer one of the fastest and most convenient ways for members to give to your church. Members can give directly by sending a text message to a dedicated number.

In-Person Giving

Allow members and visitors to swipe their credit or debit card to make an offering to your church while they’re in the building.

A New Way to Accept Donations

Introducing: Text to Give

Offering your donors the ability to give with just a short text message can make a big impact for your organization.

Donors save their preferred payment method in a quick one-time set-up. Then they can donate anytime!

SMS notifications can be sent to donors to communicate charitable giving requests.

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