Accept Online Donations

Increase charitable donations and reach new donors with the DonationsPortal.

Attract more donors with recurring donations.

A New Way to Accept Donations.

Offering your donors the ability to give with just a short text message can make a big impact for your organization.

HealPay is Perfect for Charities and Non-Profits

Save time and grow your charitable organization

Accept Donations

Collect online donations via debit card, credit card, or e-check.

Streamline Flow

Allow users to setup recurring donation schedules.

Improve Efficiency

Track your donations while spending less time on accounting and bookkeeping.

Account History

Allow donors to view a history of their giving.

Seamless Integration

Donors can enter the donation portal directly from your organization’s existing website.

Safe and Secure

All data is protected and secured by our 256-bit SSL encryption process.

Our Donation Solutions

These products will change your organization.

Virtual Terminal

Key in donations through a virtual terminal, allowing you to take credit card payments in person or through a live operator.


Donations Portal

Donations Portal offers flexibility and the ability to receive donations 24/7. Our secure payment portal takes funds from the donor’s account and deposits them into your bank account.



HealPay's Interactive Voice Response system allows your organization to automatically accept and process donations from a dedicated phone number.