Payment Reminders Feature Spotlight

by Latoya Irby | | Feature Spotlight

Payment Reminders

When businesses offer automatic payments, customers like to use the feature so they don’t have to remember to set up a payment. They can avoid late fees, cancellations, and have peace of mind knowing their payments will go through on the right date with no extra work.

But, customers don't always remember when they've scheduled a payment. A friendly reminder sent a few days before a scheduled payment gives your customers a chance to make sure funds are available in their account.

Not only is a payment reminder a courtesy, in some industries, reminders are legally required for any post-dated payment. For example, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act requires third-party collectors to notify consumers between three and ten business days before a post-dated payment is processed.

Whether you have thousands of customers or just a few, mailing payment reminders is time-consuming and requires extra resources.

Our Payment Reminders feature automatically sends customers an email reminder of an upcoming scheduled payment. An email is sent for both recurring and scheduled one-time payments.

What's in a Payment Reminder Email?

The reminder email includes all the details customers need to know about an upcoming payment:

  • scheduled payment amount
  • last four digits of the payment account number
  • date the payment will be processed
  • the file number the payment will be applied to
  • how to contact you for payment changes

Payment Reminder Email Customizations

You can customize some parts of the email to fit your business. We allow clients to customize the sender's email address, subject line, body of the email, and decide how many days in advance the email should be sent. Specific disclosures can also be sent in each email that goes out to your customers.

If you want to send payment reminders to your customers - to meet a requirement or offer a courtesy - contact us to talk about your payment process.

Payment Reminders

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