HealPay Making Debt Collection A Little Less Miserable

by Latoya Irby | | Articles

Debt collection is an ugly subject. Detroit-based startup HealPay hopes to make it a little less so —and to make debtors feel empowered — with their flagship collection service, SettlementApp.

The system, said co-founder Erick Bzovi, is “designed to make it easier for consumers to pay their bills. By giving consumers options to pay over time or in advance for a discount, businesses see a higher conversion rate.”

The problem they set out to solve was one of accounts receivable. Client creditors — mostly collection agencies and attorneys, as well as some financial institutions and commercial real estate firms — direct debtors to the SettlementApp traffic portal, where they are given a choice of targeted payment plans. If all goes well, more people choose to (and are able to) pay up.

Still, debt collection can be an ethical and emotional minefield, which is one reason HealPay works with original billers as well as third-party agencies.

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About HealPay
HealPay pioneers a non-intrusive, consumer-centric approach to Collections. HealPay works with Collection Attorneys, Collection Agencies, Charitable Organizations, Healthcare Providers, Property Managers, Creditors and Billers, to help collect on accounts receivable with less hassle. Our flagship web application, SettlementApp, innovates by analyzing data and providing individuals with flexible payment options. HealPay integrates with leading claims management software, accounting software and payment gateways, automating reports and reducing data entry. We believe making payments should be a painless process.

HealPay Offers:
  • Merchant account(s) to accept ACH, Debit and Credit Cards
  • Online payments with your firm’s logo & a custom URL
  • Virtual Terminal for one time payments or setup a recurring schedule
  • Consumer friendly payment options with our Settlement Application
  • Consumer portal to view balance information & link accounts
  • Interactive Voice Response, (IVR) Agentless Phone Application
  • Reporting analytics and data to analyze your operations
  • Fast and friendly Support

For Inquires:
Please contact Erick Bzovi
203 E. Washington  Ste. 3
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

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