HealPay in 2012

by Erick Bzovi | | Articles

Dear Internet,

I am writing you regarding some exciting updates to our company.

Over the past year, we’ve focused on innovating the account receivables space by introducing new & exciting web applications.

Currently, when you visit HealPay you can access our free Invoice application. Thousands of contractors and small businesses have signed up and continue to enjoy the service. Just recently, we received some press as a one of the Best Invoicing Tools amongst Design professionals. This was uplifting news for us!

Aside from our Invoice app, we’ve been developing another useful business app. SettlementApp is designed for large businesses who want to offer settlement options to their customers. Over and over again, we discovered that customers respond with greater satisfaction and loyalty to businesses that offer flexible payment options. This app allows businesses to traffic out custom settlement options to their customers in just minutes.

So, what updates are being made???

  • HealPay will simply be our media site. You will be able to access our blog, Watercooler and other future developments here.

  • Our Invoice app will be rebranded as BillerApp. We will be open sourcing the app as well! More info on this shortly…

Onwards & Upwards

We are extremely excited for 2012… We just moved into a new office in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan. We feel re-energized, excited and committed to building a great company.

HealPay office

Thank you for all the support & have a wonderful Holiday Season,

Erick Bzovi

About HealPay
HealPay pioneers a non-intrusive, consumer-centric approach to Collections. HealPay works with Collection Attorneys, Collection Agencies, Charitable Organizations, Healthcare Providers, Property Managers, Creditors and Billers, to help collect on accounts receivable with less hassle. Our flagship web application, SettlementApp, innovates by analyzing data and providing individuals with flexible payment options. HealPay integrates with leading claims management software, accounting software and payment gateways, automating reports and reducing data entry. We believe making payments should be a painless process.

HealPay Offers:
  • Merchant account(s) to accept ACH, Debit and Credit Cards
  • Online payments with your firm’s logo & a custom URL
  • Virtual Terminal for one time payments or setup a recurring schedule
  • Consumer friendly payment options with our Settlement Application
  • Consumer portal to view balance information & link accounts
  • Interactive Voice Response, (IVR) Agentless Phone Application
  • Reporting analytics and data to analyze your operations
  • Fast and friendly Support

For Inquires:
Please contact Erick Bzovi
203 E. Washington  Ste. 3
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

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